Wednesday, February 25, 2009


After getting a few winks from some hideous guys I was on day 2 and already about to erase my profile. Then I noticed that had altered the text of emails I had sent. It gave me an idea...

I was going to dedicate my profile to figuring out what Match would choose to censure. I was once again interested in being on the site. To learn more about the process behind my experiment you can go to the instructables link

I'm hoping other people will share their experience of testing Match's/or other dating website boundaries. What they tested, what they found out. I'll share my two tests (I was only on for week so only two versions went through) on a separate post (see below).

I think Match and other dating websites are great grounds for social experimentation in the arts. I'm sure things have already been done but I'm also sure there is room for more.

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