Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Tests

First Test Post (this got published within the usu. 24 hours):

So in rereading my bio I became outrageously bored. It's such a retrospective rather than a current moment affair. I'm curious about match's censorship of information. It seems possible it extends beyond the provocative and into self-protection. So instead of a boring bio... I'm going to explore changing my profile and seeing what flies before my freebie is up.

Oh and by the way, to all those boys who are winking. I'm not into guys with dust in their eyes. If you're interested send a msg.

Match Test 2 :
(I only got this published after taking out the .coms... but after 3 days it went through)

Ok. So obviously that went through. How far can one go in saying negative things about match and can one say or are all dot com references edited? I sent out an email with my real address and it was automatically substituted with match's masking email.

I dislike I hate Match is for loosers. Well, the match crowd does seem pretty straight. What are artsy/alt thinking people in NM doing? Um... learning how to use their computers. What if everyone closed their accounts at the same time and demanded certain things from Match... what would they be? Who has been on this site for a long time and really knows its flaws? Obviously I can't curse but can I insult? Can I refer to people's profiles? Can I talk about provocative material in the abstract? Is discussing a woman's period allowed? Or is that just a form of punctuation.

Ok, I'm not being serious... re match being a haven for loosers. This is just a test. I actually think that if people can meet other people they like, more power to them. Though there is that aspect of real life that's lost... Don't want to wound any self doubting egos in this experiment.

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